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Save Millions of Dollars with Gas Free Minting of NFTs on Ethereum

We saved  over 50 Million Dollars for our Clients with gas free minting of NFTs over normal minting. 

Start minting an NFT easier and faster with little to no work. Create storefronts, limited releases and more Mintology is ready for any business.

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Benefits Of Gasless Minting


Cost savings. Minting an NFT can cost anywhere from USD50 to USD$150 per mint – We have saved over USD$100 million in Ethereum fees

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Create for free - creators can now create and experiment with NFT’s for free - zero up front costs

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Zero crypto needed – since there are no gas fees, there is no Ethereum or crypto needed to create an NFT

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Buy with Credit or Debit card - felis fermentum nibh sed. Proin fusce enim pulvinar leo dignissim eget elementum viverra bibendum.

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Environmentally Friendly – zero cost to the environment for minting

Gasless Minting Versus Lazy Minting

Gasless minting is simply where there are never any gas fees for either the creator or the purchaser of the NFT

Lazy minting – this is where the gas fees for minting are deferred to the buyer of the NFT. The NFT is minted only when it is purchased, So the gas fees are pushed onto the buyer, reducing the amount of wallet share for your NFT project as fees are paid to Ethereum.

Find out More here: Gas Free Minting Versus Lazy Minting
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Characteristics Of A Gas Free Minted NFT

There are no catches or compromises? You still get a regular NFT token:

ERC 721 Ethereum NFT Token

ERC 721 Ethereum NFT Token

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Minting is done on Ethereum Mainnet, not on a side chain or layer 2

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You have full custody of your NFT asset and can sell, trade and transfer it instantly

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Instant minting at any time of day – immediately displayed in your wallet or store

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No degradation of the quality of your NFT

Simply put - it’s the same NFT – but now without the gas fees

Why Mint Gas Free with Mintology?


Unlimited, Instant NFTs

On Ethereum mainnet at monthly rate OR PAYG


Dedicated & Exclusive

Provide NFT’s on yourown site / marketplaceversus on a third partysite


Tiered Pricing

Pay as you go



Dedicated accountmanager

Transparent pricing from Mintology

Minting Price with Mintology

Minting Price with Mintology


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Gas Free Minting with Mintology

With our proprietary tech, it’s free to mint unlimited NFTs Instantly via API. 



/10,000 NFTs
97.5% Savings
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Normal Minting

A single NFT on Ethereum costs about $25 to create. Assuming you are minting 10,000 NFTs per month, Your cost will be



/10,000 NFTs

Streamline any NFT strategy with
Mintology’s premium tools and services

Expertise from the leaders in building and owning NFT marketplaces and the leaders in B2B solutions for companies.

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Dedicated Custom Pages

Dedicated custom pages on to launch your NFT campaign

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Smart Contracts

Dedicated Smart Contracts with Contract Management

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Scalable Solutions

Endlessly Scalable - individual, batch or on demand minting

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Powerful Analytics

Powerful Analytics to take control of your NFT Minting and Marketplace

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Cost-effective Pricing

PayG or Subscription Services with 90+% discounts against traditional minting

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Multiple Payment Options

Range of payment options for your customers including crypto and credit card.

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No Coding Experience needed

Instant launch of your Project, fully managed by your account dashboard Global Network

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Global Network

Launch your collection and have it immediately displayed on and others

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